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What to Do When Safe is Jammed

Have you ever experienced the problem of a jammed safe? You know that this can take some time to figure out, if you figure it out at all. Why put yourself through the frustration when we are just a phone call away at Des Plaines Locksmith. Safes are designed to keep your valuables safe. However, they are also designed so that you can get to them when you need to. Opening a safe is far more complex than they would have you believe on television. Opening a jammed safe takes the right know-how from someone who has experience working with safes.

Don’t Batter It!

Your safe might be different from your neighbor’s safe. Some are built to last, while some are just a place to store your items. When you force your way inside of a safe, you may no longer be able to use it due to the damages that you may have created. If you want to be able to go on using your safe, you have to proceed with caution. No one knows better than our locksmiths just how frustrating a jammed safe can be. You are no longer able to gain access to your art, jewelry, documents, guns or cash. When you need access quickly but aren’t able to get inside, this can further contribute to your frustration. If there is an emergency, you might need to get to your safe in a hurry but when it is jammed, you are not able to do so. Perhaps you store birth certificates in your safe and need them but aren’t able to get them out because the safe is jammed. If you need to get to a firearm due to a burglary, when your safe is jammed, you won’t be able to access it; this can be dangerous. Just remain calm and don’t act out of frustration. When this is the case, many people will batter their safe trying to open it. This will only add to the problem. There is definitely a better way to deal with this type of problem and it is usually to simply call a locksmith.

Ask for Professional Help

Getting the professional help that you need from a local Des Plaines, IL locksmith might seem expensive but in the scheme of things, it would be more expensive to replace your safe if you damage its locking mechanism. This is why it is so important to select the right locksmith service to handle the job for you. It isn’t as easy to find a safe shop as it is a locksmith. In most cities, such a shop doesn’t even exist and it is often the locksmith that is called upon to assist with jammed safes. A professional locksmith will come to your location and not require you to bring a safe to them. A professional locksmith usually offers mobile locksmith services, which makes it easier for you to have your service needs taken care of. If you have something that you need to get out of the safe in a hurry, you can trust that our locksmiths will be there in a hurry to assist you with your problem. With our 24-hour locksmith services, we can assist you with a jammed locked any time of the day or night. A professional locksmith is familiar with the most up-to-date safes and how to open them. Using the services of a locksmith is not only convenient; it is also effective. Always ask the locksmith company you are contacting if they offer safe opening to ensure that they do not arrive and are not able to address your concerns. You’ll still be charged a service fee.

When you contact a locksmith to open your safe, they will ask you for some specific things, which you will do well to have available. They will need the model of the safe and the name of the manufacturer. If you have maintenance performed on your safe, they will want the receipts or any warranties you may have. They might ask you to describe the exact problem you’re experiencing. You’ll need the serial number, brand name and proof of ownership.

Electronic Safes

It would be in your best interest to let the locksmith company know what type of safe you have. If you have an electronic safe, let them know. Many businesses and homeowners use electronic safes. These types of safes are also called digital safes. This is because they provide maximum security. However, they can malfunction and jam. However, the locksmith will need to determine if the lock is actually jammed or if you’ve just entered the incorrect code. Has someone else changed the code? This is something that happens because the person who changed the code didn’t tell the other people with access to the safe.

There are some that are designed with built-in locking capability. This locking mechanism will sometimes activate when there have been too many attempt to enter the safe. It is sort of like when you enter your password on a computer and you are eventually blocked. Perhaps you’ve visited an ATM and continue entering the incorrect code, it may eventually lock you out. This is just a way of protecting the owner of the safe in the event that someone is trying to break-in. It helps to further protect your valuables.

With an electronic or digital safe there might be a short in the circuitry of the safe that will not allow you to open it. Maybe there is a problem with the power source or battery. A diagnosis from a professional safe technician will enable you to gain access inside again.


Maintenance on your safe will often keep it from jamming. You can do this on your own by lubricating it. Routine maintenance will enable you to keep your safe in good working condition for longer. If you’re not keen on the maintenance of your safe, allow a locksmith to handle it for you.