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Your Ignition Key Is Stuck – What Do You Do Now?

Des Plaines ignition key is stucked

It happens; ignition keys become stuck. There’s no need for panic; just follow these simple tips and you’ll soon have all under control again!

One thing to keep in mind before you start urgently calling all over Des Plaines, IL, looking for help – just stay calm. Remember that you are in a very heavy metallic vehicle that moves at terrific speeds and needs to be controlled at all times. The fact that your key is stuck tight frightens many as this makes your ignition unable to function, hence; no working car!

Is your car running but the key is stuck? This too causes problems as you most likely won’t be able to turn your car off. Either way, a stuck ignition key demands immediate attention so read on and see our Des Plaines Locksmith tips on how to best handle this situation.

What To Do First!

Always remember to stay calm and not panic. Auto problems are always better solved when drivers keep a clear head and calm nerves. Now, firstly, put on your parking brake. While that won’t remove your stuck ignition key, it will keep your car from rolling forward or backward while you work on the problem.

Is your brake on? Good! Now, gently try turning your ignition key back and forth. Put some pressure on it, but not too much; you don’t want to snap it in half! See if this action dislodges the key. If yes; you are good to go! If no, let’s try something else.

This next step may sound silly, but bear with us and try it. See if your car is in PARK and not in DRIVE or NEUTRAL. While most people know this, it is very easy to simply find your car’s automatic transmission in the wrong gear. If you are busy or distracted, a wrong gear move is not that farfetched. Automatic transmissions are designed so that cars won’t release the ignition key if in the wrong gear. Check yours now.

How’s that? Did your key come out? Not yet? Try cleaning out the ignition lock cylinder. Here at Des Plaines Locksmith we recommend spraying some electrical contact cleaner on the switch. Follow this with a small spritz of lock lubricant like silicone. This helps lubricate the lock and they key might come out. One thing though; keep the car windows open if possible – the fumes can be hard to take.

If your key is still locked up, then try gently moving your steering wheel back and forth in an effort to unlock it. While you are doing this, see if the key is able to be removed.

Be sure to check to make sure that your car battery is not dead. See if your radio or windshield wipers turn on. If your battery is dead or drained, you car’s computer will not be able to read the chip in the ignition key and that alone could be your problem.

Other Causes Of A Stuck Ignition Key

Here at Des Plaines Locksmith we always tell our customers to make sure that the right key is inserted in the ignition. Believe it or not, many folks force a key into the ignition and it’s not even the correct one. This alone causes many keys to become wedged in too tightly and difficult to remove. Some locksmiths recommend that you lightly hammer the top of the key and see if that loosens it enough to pull it out. Feel free to try this but bear in mind that if it breaks off, you not only have a stuck key, you have a broken one, too.

Every time you start your engine or insert your ignition key, you place a little wear and tear on the wheel lock cylinder. Sometimes, after much use, it simply comes to the end of its life cycle and stops working. Gripping your ignition key is often a result of this.

Have you ever heard of a worn out key? It’s happens. Many times auto keys are used for other things like opening boxes, prying open bottles, puncturing surfaces and even opening cans! Just because keys are made of metal it doesn’t mean that the key edge is not eroded by this use. If a wrong key or worn out key is used, the lock’s interior pins may not drop and the key may become stuck or not usable. In Des Plaines, IL many people turn to their car dealer to replace or program their stuck transponder key. This small task can be very time consuming as well as expensive. If your ignition key won’t come out, your car won’t run and your dealer will insist that it be towed to them. Not only is this expensive; it is also time consuming as you can find yourself waiting for the tow truck, the car dealer intake process and then your actual service work!

Why Not Call A Locksmith?

There are many automotive locksmiths in Des Plaines, IL to choose from. You can start calling for prices and service times but it’s best to choose a shop that offers affordable rates, 24-hour emergency help and fast, responsive mobile service. Des Plaines Locksmith offers all this and more. We offer free price quotes, free consultation help and fast relief from stuck, worn out and broken off keys of all kinds.

You can save money and time by using our service. Since we come to you, no towing is ever needed. All technicians are fully licensed, insured and bonded and our mobile service vehicles are always stocked with high quality key making equipment, tools and locksmith hardware so that your service job is handled professionally and expertly at all times.

If your ignition key is stuck; try the above tips and see if those help. You might just save some money and stress! If not, give Des Plaines Locksmith a call and we’ll get be on the way to you before you know it!