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How to Keep Your Home Well Protected At All Times

Des Plaines Keep home well protected

No matter where you are moving to, you have to make sure you take the necessary precautions to ensure your home is safe. If you do not want your home to become the target of a burglar, there are certain things that you should do to avoid becoming the next victim of a home intrusion. You may actually be doing something that will attract attention to your home when you’re not at home. You may have enough on your plate already, why add the problem of experiencing a break-in to the other things you’re already dealing with. At Des Plaines Locksmith in Des Plaines, IL, we help our customers plan ahead to so that they can avoid a break-in.

If there are burglars in your area, they just might be looking for their next victim. You don’t have to make it easy for them. In fact, you should make it as difficult for them as possible. Avoid coming in and out of the house without locking the doors behind you. In fact, make sure that you shut all of the windows in your home and that they are also locked upon leaving the house. You should make this a habit, if you don’t already.

The problem is that a would-be burglar may be looking at your home to see if anyone in the household has a habit that can gain them access into your home. Create habits that will make them think twice about breaking into your home. They usually want an easy way to gain entry without being detected. You can do your part in making it difficult for them to get inside your home by simply locking up the house before leaving. It might surprise you to know how many people leave a door unlocked when they are away.

Don’t Become a Target

You might be leaving your home susceptible to home intrusions without realizing it. Perhaps there are things that you are doing regularly that you may not realize are leaving you susceptible to a home invasion. Even if you know you have bad habits, such as, leaving doors unlocked, you may not understand that this is what makes you a target for a home intrusion. Our locksmith technicians would like for you to know the things you can do to distract a would-be burglar.

Don’t Leave Windows & Doors Unlocked – We don’t want to continue mentioning this but it is one of the main reasons your home may become the target of a would-be intruder. One of the doors that you may leave unlocked is your sliding glass door. This is the door that most people tend to leave unlocked. Windows are occasionally opened and not closed and locked. Remember when you leave your home, double check to make sure that your windows and doors are all locked.

Install an Alarm System – If you have a security alarm but do not have signage to let a burglar know, it could be making your home a target for a would be intruder. Having an alarm system does not allow a burglar the time needed to break into your home. Even if you do not use your alarm, you should still make sure you have some type of signage posted outdoors. A burglar is less likely to target your home if they know that you have a security system. Just having a sign posted somewhere can be all that they need to see to pass your home and go to the next one.

Don’t Let Mail Pile Up – If you’re away from home for an extended amount of time, allowing mail to pile up might alert a burglar to the fact that there is no one home. Mail piling up is a sign of no one being around to get the mail. Instead of allowing your mail to pile up, ask a neighbor or family member to get the mail for you. If you’re expecting packages, you should do the same thing. Ask someone to pick up the packages and keep them until you return. You can even contact the courier and ask them to hold all of your packages until you return home. Do not let mail pile up or packages to be left in the front of your home. This makes your home a target.

Put Window Coverings Up – If you do not have anything hung up at your window, others are able to see everything that you have inside. If a burglar knows what you have inside, this is all the motivation they need to try to break in and take what belongs to you. Don’t make your home a target by allowing others to see inside your home. Instead, put curtains or blinds up. A burglary is less likely to occur when the intruder doesn’t know what is inside.

If you have a garage door with windows, you should also make sure that you tint the windows or put some other type of covering up so that no one can see what you have inside. You may have valuable things stored in your garage. It is your responsibility to make sure that you protect them by keeping your home from becoming the target of an intruder.

Don’t Post Too Much on Social Media – By posting too much information about your vacation on line, you might be making your home the prime target of a burglary. When they know that you are going to be away from home for an extended amount of time, this gives them the chance to break into your home. Instead of posting your vacation plans on social media, why not consider sharing your pictures after you return home.

It is up to you to do your part to make sure that you’re home is not broken into by an intruder. By heeding the suggestions listed above, there is a good chance that you’ll be able to avoid the experience of a break-in.