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Getting a Garage Door Lock

Des Plaines garage door locks

Since we keep all types of valuables in our garage, it is important to make sure that you can protect them. If you are able to get into your home through your garage, this gives you more of a reason to invest in a garage door lock. Having a lock installed on your garage door will also give you peace-of-mind and we all agree; this is priceless! Local locksmiths such as the ones found at Des Plaines Locksmith in Des Plaines, IL, are able to effectively install a garage door lock for you in no time.

You will have several options for the type of garage door lock that you would like to have installed. A garage door lock gives you another layer of protection and security. The right type of lock can actually be a deterrent against possible intruders. Since your garage lock will provide you with security, it is something that should be wisely chosen. We have presented you with some garage door lock options below for you to consider.

Side Door Bolt – This is one of the most popular garage door options. This type is installing inside the garage door. This is good because a possible intruder is not able to tamper with the lock. It limits your risk of a possible intrusion. The lock has a bolt and a receiving slot, attached to the door track. You can only lock the door when the bolt is in the slot. It is virtually impossible for someone to open the door from the other side. While this door lock may sound simple, it provides a great deal of security.

Deadbolt Locks – The reinforcement that deadbolt locks offer is the reason they are so popular. This is the type of lock that is typically used between your home and the garage. It is the type of lock that is installed on a door with an existing lock. The door can only be opened when the lock is in the open position. You have to rotate the lock cylinder in order to move the lock to the open position. Your deadbolt could be a single cylinder or a double cylinder. However, the double cylinder lock requires a key be used for both sides. Unlike a spring bolt lock, the deadbolt offers a better level of security. Spring bolt locks operate via a spring that can be compromised if enough pressure is placed on it. It is harder to open a deadbolt lock if you do not have a key. Since it is more difficult to compromise, most intruders will pass on even attempting to open a door with a deadbolt lock.

Electronic Locks – With advanced technology, electronic locks are designed. The electronic lock uses fingerprint recognition to open the lock. So, rather than using a key to open the door, all you’ll need is your hand. Most of the electronic locks will accommodate several fingerprints. This means that several people in the household will be able to use their fingerprints to gain access. It is more effective when you allow a qualified locksmith to install your electronic lock. Even though this type of lock tends to be one of the most expensive options, you really do get what you pay for because they offer the best security. Invest in your safety and security with an electronic garage door lock.

T-Handle Lock – This type of lock is usually found on metal garage doors. It is called a T-handle lock because the lock is shaped like a T. They do not use a standard type of key. It uses a key shaped like a cylinder, which is hard to duplicate. The handle cannot be opened without the right shaped key. This is a great option given the fact that the key is so hard to reproduce.

Keyless Digital Locks - No key needed locks are popular for garage door locks. All that is required is a programmed entry code, which you then type into the keypad to gain access. You are able to change the code when you need to. This type of lock cannot be picked and this makes it far more secure than a standard lock. A lot of keyless locks are offered with a lifetime warranty against damage caused by intruders.

There are a lot of lock options that you will be able to choose from. We think the ones that we have presented give you a good start, however, you can certainly explore other options. We would encourage you to do so. Again, this is an important decision, so choose wisely. With so many types of garage door locks available, you can get what you want if you determine what is most important to you. Make sure you do not purchase a lock that doesn’t offer you the peace-of-mind you desire.

Things to Consider in a Garage Door Lock

1. Durability
With any lock, you have to make sure that the lock is durable. It will be more difficult to break into a garage the more durable the lock is.

2. Installation
It is important to find a reputable and trustworthy Des Plaines, IL locksmith. Since they will have access to your home it’s important to find a service provider that you can trust will not have keys duplicated to come back at a later date.

3. Cost
Some garage door locks cost more than others. You will have to determine what your budget is but also determine the level of security you desire. The level of security may affect the cost of your new garage door lock. However, shop around as much as you can to find the right lock for your budget.

4. Functionality
You should determine how functional your lock will actually be. Do you have to unlock it from the inside or can it also be unlocked from the outside. If you have a door that can only be unlocked or locked from one side or the other, it may be inconvenient for you.